Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lack of Metal Brotherhood

 Great article with Matt from Trivium about the lack of camaraderie in the metal community.  I would expand it to all rock music, in general.  This comes on the heals of Lou Brutus's rant about the same topic.

Trivium's Matt Heafy Says There Isn't Enough Of A Brotherhood Within The Metal Scene -

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pick In A Box

The biggest waste this time of year is listening to pundits and fans alike, make their Super Bowl predictions.  The NFL is the most volatile, unpredictable sports league in existence.  Parity, injuries, rookie impacts all make predicting the NFL a rather futile exercise.  We at Razor 94-7 have decided to forgo any sort of "thoughtful" analysis and simply make our Super Bowl picks out of a box.  Here's your official Razor staff Super Bowl picks.  These picks are just as terrible as many so-called experts will make.  You just wait and see.  Champion in caps:

  1. Borna - CAROLINA vs. Miami
  2. Justin Hull - CHICAGO vs. Kansas City
  3. Cutter - MINNESOTA vs. Buffalo
  4. Pete Burns - DETROIT vs. San Diego
  5. Roxanne Steele- NEW ORLEANS vs. New England
  6. Reggie - NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Tennessee 
  7. Jason the Sales Guy - TAMPA BAY vs. Jacksonville

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We're Not Number One!!! We're Not Number One!!!!

If I were to ask you to fill in the blank, America is number one at _______? What would you say? I would say obesity.....and, I'd be wrong.  Mexico has passed the United States in .  In third place, New Zealand.....surprising?  I'd say so.  With all that water and warm weather you would think New Zealand would be in better shape. 

Check out the full story here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New Baseball Epidemic

There seems to be a disturbing trend forming in the stands during baseball games.  Terror-stricken men jumping out of the way to allow foul/home run balls to pummel their girlfriends.  It happened last season in Houston and again last night in Arizona.  Watch the video below.  Chivalry should not be completely dead.  I know the sight of a baseball hurtling toward you can be scary, but sac up and try to catch it.  Your woman's mug deserves it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

House Of Gold And Bones Comic Book

I've never been shy about espousing my man-crush on the genius of Corey Taylor. His new comic book comes out April 17th. Check out the trailer.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

D-Bag of the Year gets 15 Days

The biggest douche bag of the year,  Martin Tremblay, gets 15 days in the clink for assault.  If you haven't seen the video, you can watch below as the youth hockey coach deliberately trips a kid in the handshake line.  In my opinion, the biggest douche bags on the planet are coaches and parents who take child sports WAAAAYYYYY to seriously.  I don't have kids nor am I a hot-headed person by any means.  But, if by some mistake/miracle I ever have kids, you can bet I'll probably get arrested for decking a guy like Tremblay at some point during my kid's athletic career.  I realize I'm stooping to their level by doing so, but at least I'm taking it out on a deserving adult rather than a child.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pro Brawl

You already know the Pro Bowl is boring as hell.   But, a brawl in the stands during the Pro Bowl....that's entertainment